Undergraduate Seminars


Dr hab. Rafał UlatowskiInternational Political Economy, Germany in international relations, Great powers politics
Dr hab. Jerzy CiechańskiEuropean Union, International organization, International political relations, International politics, United Nations
Bogusław Zaleski, PhDInternational Relations in Asia-Pacific region, EU and non-european countries, Poland and non-european countries
Dr Kamila PronińskaEnergy security. Armed conflicts. Resource conflicts. International security
Dr Patrycja GrzebykInternational Law, in particular: law of armed conflicts, human rights law, use of force, international courts, international justice, international disaster response law, responsibility of states, of individuals, of non-state armed groups, of international organisations. However, any other legal topic is welcome on my seminar, as well as topics related with international organisations or states’ policy and its legal dimension
Dr Anita Oberda-MonkiewiczLatin America in contemporary world; inter-American relations, Inter-American system, US-Latin American relations, Political and economic integration in the Western hemisphere, Secuirty in the Western Hemisphere, Poland and Latin America, Mexico and Brazil in international relations, Drug War in the Western Hemisphere, Latin American revolutions; Development in Latin America, Latin American populism; Canada in international relations, Demographic factor in international relations


For details and registration for seminars please contact the Institute’s International Office (international.office.ism@uw.edu.pl, Collegium Politicum room 127). If you wish to prepare your thesis under supervision of a faculty member not mentioned in the above table, please contact her / him first. If the Professor agrees to take care of your work, please inform the International Office.

Please make sure to choose your Supervisor before November 10.