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Useful documents:

Opinion about student life in Warsaw

You ask me, if you’re not going to get bored here, because studies are not only about studying. Well, there is no boredom here. Believe me, from among around 270,000 students here, many lead a life more eventful than even yours.

They say that this whole student infrastructure has greatly developed in the recent years, and what I am experiencing now is really impressive. For party lovers such as you, there is an infinite number of clubs, pubs, discos, including Stodoła and Remont, which, I am told, are cult venues dating back to the communist times.

You know me, I am a sportsperson and I play in university football championships. I have no idea why Polish clubs get such a whipping in European championships, because the teams that we play against represent a pretty good level of skill, and the cheers of the audience is spectacular.

I have also participated in scenic mountaineering trips and yachting contests (without success). To you I recommend chess, as you should sometimes put a lid on your party side and get some calm and quiet. But everyone will find something here to rose their interest, from mainstream activities such as canoeing, fitness and running, to modern dance, trekking, bodybuilding.

There is culture here all over the place. The cultural life here is very dynamic, with academic theatres, choirs, debating clubs, and many, many others.They have an event here they call the Juwenalia – a university students’ festival or rag, with costumes, marches, games, parties, various events, concerts and plays. It’s a great time to lash out and meet lots of new people.

Now, you’ll probably ask: What about studying, learning and the academic base? I don’t feel that there is anything missing. There’s student governments, scores of study associations and interest groups. There’s also countless possibilities of participating in courses and traineeships, legal counsel and business incubators, for all those who want to become businessmen or simply execute interesting and innovative ideas with the support of business and academic centres. Those interested in becoming involved in social or political issues can join various societies and associations. It’s really nice to see how people can organize themselves here, since the country is developing fast and some find it difficult to keep up.

All in all, there can be no boredom here. When you come, I hope to see you in person dancing cracovienne in the Cracow folk costume in one of the numerous folk dance clubs. That’s how you live and study here. To the full.

Your Bernard

Campus Life

Campus map (click to zoom)

Campus life.
Warsaw downtown is unrecognizable without great architectural ensemble of the magnificent campus of University of Warsaw. Placed right in the heart of Polish capital it is bustling with life, excitement and enthusiasm. And whether you are a student, tourist or just a weary visitor to polish heartland you will find something for you taste, however exquisite or simple it may be.


News & Announcements.
Since the time immemorial, announcement boards were used to inform the populous of the events, news, announcements, etc. happening near them. This proud tradition is continued in our university. Right near the University gates, you can always catch up with university life on our own version of just such a board. Furthermore, every student of the university can use the board to promote their own endeavors.
On the other hand, if you want to keep up with university electronically you can always visit the website of SU. They have a well-done English page with all the big announcements collected, explained and posted.


Let us now look at what makes people come to University – academic life. And UW has plenty to offer here. From the meetings with movers and shakers of the world to visits of great minds from all over the world and to a general seminars where anyone can start or join a conversation. So, keep up with the announcement board near the gates of the campus or take an occasional look at SU or university websites for constant updates.


Breakfasts & Lunches.
If you desire a cheap, healthy and filling meal you can always head to a student canteen. It is located near the exit from the campus on St. Obozna. In spite of its modest size, canteen is always filled with conversations, jokes and latest university gossip for the curious and sociable.

Student Union
In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, all students make up the students’ union. By the regulations of the Students’ Union, the executive body is the Executive Board of the Student Union at ISM UW, elected each year, between October and November.

The main competencies of the Executive Board of the Student Union (ZSS) include:

  • Protecting students’ rights;
  • Expressing the opinion of the academic community,
  • Making co-decisions with the authorities of the Faculty concerning social issues – in particular issues of material assistance as well as awards for academic performance [through a representative in the Scholarship Committee];
  • Expressing opinions and approving projects and decisions made by the authorities of the Faculty and Institute, including: approval of class schedules, study cycles and programmes, schedules of exam sessions, amount of fees paid by the students, lists of those qualified for scholarships;
  • Cultural, sports and integration initiatives done by the students, primarily: trips, events, tournaments, workshops and festivals;
  • Appointing year delegates

The Act on Higher Education gives broad powers to Students’ Unions. As your representatives, we want to fulfill as many of your demands and our tasks as we can. Regardless of the number of organized events, trips and competitions, our ultimate goal is to represent the interests of the academic community and defend the rights of the students. If you think your rights have been violated or you noticed some irregularities – please contact us. Together, acting on the basis of the mandate entrusted to us, we are able to do more. You can contact us at

The English Section of the Students’ Union ISM UW is integrated into the main Polish Students’ Union (Samorząd Studentów ISM UW).

The Executive Board of the Student Union at ISM UW:
Weronika Paryszek- Chairwoman
Michał Wróblewicz
Tadeusz Jarczyk
Jan Peché
Natalia Kreczmańska

Committees of the Students’ Union ISM UW:

Didactics Committee
Chairwoman- Natalia Kreczmańska

Cultural Committee
Chairwoman- Ida Ogonek

Events and Promotion Committee
Chairman of Events Committee-  Jan Peché
Chairman of Promotion Committee- Filip Mazurkiewicz

Foreign Committee
Chairwoman- Małgorzata Bania 

Sports Committee
Chairman- Tadeusz Jarczyk

Representatives in the Student Parliament UW
Jakub Bator
Agata Stankowska

Representatives in the Council of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies UW
Agata Stankowska
Jan Peché
Aleksandra Bierkowska
Ida Ogonek
Małgorzata Steczkowska
Przemysław Gliński
Jan Ostaszewicz
Szymon Król

Representatives in the Scientific Council at the Institute of International relations UW
Agata  Stankowska
Natalia Kreczmańska
Ana López Gołubowska (representative of English-language studies)

Want to stay informed on all matters taking place at our institute? Want to participate in interesting events or check the report afterwards? Like us! Follow us! Pass it on J 

English Section Students’ Union Facebook fan page:
Snapchat: ismsu
Polish Section Students’ Union Facebook fan page: 
Snapchat: ism.uw
Instagram: ism.uw

Student Organizations and Associations

India Now

teraz IndieStudents’ Interest Group „India Now” was created by students who simply wanted to know more about contemporary India. With the help of our supervisor, Dr. Jakub Zajączkowski, the chairman of the Centre of Contemporary India Research and Studies, we are able to fulfill that goal. Our activities revolve around India and South Asia, and are mainly focused on contemporary business and politics of the region, although we took part in events concerning Indian culture too. The SIG “India Now” organized meetings, movie screenings, seminars and conferences about India. We also participate in all events organized by the Centre and provide help with organization, administration and accomodation of Centre’s guests.


Marta Strzelec

Website and contact:

Visit our Facebook page:


The Eastern Association 

koło wschodnie ISMThe Eastern Association of University of Warsaw is designed for students especially interested in the area of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Far and Middle East. The association is designed to broaden students’ horizons of these regions. Members of the association hold conferences, write publications and deepen knowledge through study trips to the east. The associstion is engaged in research on the role of the East in international relations and polish policy of eastern. The Eastern Association was founded in 2003. Supervisor of the circle is Dr. Maciej Raś from Institute of Internationals Relations. The Eastern Association often cooperates with political journals “Notabene” and “Sedno”.

Michał Nadziak

Visit our Facebook page:


Proyecto del Sur

proyecto del surIberoamerican Academic Club Proyecto del Sur is a student organization registered at College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies and Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of University of Warsaw. We are interested in Latin American, Carribean and Iberian studies. Our members study International Relations and Iberian and Iberoamerican Studies as well as Journalism, Applied Linguistics, Management or even Information Technology; they attend not only University of Warsaw, but also universities in Madrid, Granada, Alcalá de Henares and Burgos. We have friends at Mexican Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana and Universidad Central in Caracas. As a consequence, we don’t limit ourselves to only one way of thinking, but we try to get to know the Iberoamerican world from many different points of view and through the prism of many different disciplines.


dr Alicja Fijałkowska


Monika Serzysko (

Website and contact:

Visit our Facebook page:

Academic  Associations of Strategic Studies and Security

koło SSiBAcademic  Associations of Strategic Studies and Security was created in April 2009. Its statutory provision is developing in  knowledge of  International Relations especially in strategic and security studies. Our patron is prof. dr hab. Roman Kuźniar. During the meetings which are essential form of its  activity , members analize the most important  political , social and economic events  and during the discussion find their possible influence, often with the help of invited experts.

Members of this organization often  cooperates with Current Affairs Overview “Notabene” – their articles are published in both printed and electronic version.
Visit our Facebook page:

Life in Warsaw & Living cost

There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw

Warsaw is a booming European capital, polish biggest center of higher education, full of friendly and open minded people. More than 270 000 students in the city of 1,70 million inhabitants, do not lack entertainment – vast number of pubs and clubs, numerous festivals, concerts, exhibitions. Over 100 international events are held here.

For more information about Warsaw visit one of the following official websites:

Living costs

The cost of living depends on the individuals’ needs and lifestyle. It can however be said that 1500 PLN (350 EUR) per month is the minimum needed to cover the cost of accommodation, transportation, food and academic materials

1 EUR ~ 4,3 PLN1 USD ~ 3,3 PLN

Exchange rate may vary!


  • double room in a dormitory (number of places limited) – from 380 to 460 PLN per month
  • single room in a dormitory (number of places limited) – from 450 to 600 PLN per month (plus extra costs ex. gas, electricity, Internet)
  • single room in a flat – from 800 PLN per month
  • studio – from 1500 PLN per month

Local transport

Type of ticket
(Ist zone)
Student discount (50%)
Standard price
Single ticket 2,20 4,40
1-day 7,50 15,00
3-days 15,00 30,00
1-month 50,00 100,00
3-months 125,00 250,00


Other expenses

  • a lunch in the students’ cafeteria – from 10 PLN
  • a coffee in a bar –  10-15 PLN
  • a ticket to the cinema – from 17 PLN
  • bread – 3,00 PLN
  • a bottle of milk – 3,00 PLN
  • a bottle of mineral water 1,5l – 2,00 PLN

For more information please see the website of the International Relations Office:

Sightseeing Poland & EU

Poland is a country where history and monuments harmonizes with its nature, eaving unforgettable experience. Warsaw, as a capital of Poland, has plenty of convenient connections with other polish cities. During your studies at the University of Warsaw, you have also opportunity to visit other European countries thanks to Erasmus Student Network.

For more information about sightseeing Poland visit one of the following official websites:

If you are interested in Erasmus Student Network, or other International Exchange Programmes, visit one of the following official websites:

Student View

Valeria Dimitrova from Ukraine- Graduate Program

ValerijaWarsaw is a great place for active and ambitious students. The University of Warsaw has a broad variety of opportunities for students from University academic clubs to foreign exchange programs.
I have chosen the Faculty of International Relations and there I have met many interesting people from different countries. The Faculty has also a rich scope of subjects to choose from. In addition, the experienced academic Staff helps students to learn not only from theory but from practice as well.


Rajendra Prasad Ojha from Nepal – Undergraduate Program

Schowek01Warsaw –  capital of Poland is the place where I experienced cheapest form of living. It is one of the well managed city having various means of transportation that modern world should have. Beside this it has good root system. University of Warsaw is best university of all mostly in the field of International Studies. When I completed my higher education in Nepal; I chose International Relation for my further studies. I chose University of Warsaw as bridge to firm up my dream and my choice was correct. I found friendly and cooperative environment inside the university. University not only focuses on giving credit but also help student making them engaged with lots of Personality building program. For instance; it organizes different international conference inviting different intercontinental Personality of certain field.  University of Warsaw has helped us a lot building different international agreement with different universities in order to burst our cultural, political, philosophical and geographical Knowledge. These kinds of agreement have made us experience what globalization and global society really is; for this I would heartily appreciate every institute of University of Warsaw.

Manal Hamood Al-Hammadi from Yemen – Graduate Program

ManalI chose University of Warsaw because my friends recommend it for me and I don’t regret my decision; students are friendly, professors are cooperative and the M.A. program is equally good.
Though I wasn’t sure that I will like Poland but I am in love with Warsaw now, nice city, kind people and above all very suitable for student life and budget. When my friends ask me where to study in Europe, I immediately respond come to Poland you will enjoy the experience here.


Piotr Narel from Poland- Graduate Program

PiotrI chose University of Warsaw as my place of Masters Study because I wanted to get in touch with my Polish roots. I am originally from Łódź but I spent about 16 years in the United States. I wanted to go specifically to Warsaw because I developed a liking for it after years of flying into the city on my way back to Łódź. After spending so many years abroad, I couldn’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else in Poland other than Warsaw. The city’s vibrant rhythm is what really makes me love the place. Every day I am discovering more and more of what Warsaw has to offer. The University is just one of those things. As with the city, I think there’s a place for everyone at the University of Warsaw.


Lydia House from United States – Undergraduate Program

LydiaLiving in Poland is an incredible cultural experience as the city is a perfect mix of old and new.  This is evident in the generational differences between grumpy old “babcie” working at the corner stores and the young and hip youth.  The architecture is also a mix of dynamic new buildings placed right next to communist-era apartments.  As an American I feel like we have a lot to learn from Poland as to how to mix tradition and progress.