Polish Association for International Studies

The Polish Association for International Studies was established in 2009 on the initiative of the scholars of the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw. It is an academic society embracing scholars from the entire territory of Poland dealing with issues connected with international relations.

In its activity, the Association draws on the experience of similar societies from other countries. The main objectives of its statutory activity include integration of the academic communities and stimulating research delimiting the theoretical and methodological identity of the discipline of international relations.

In 2011, a conference was held under the auspices of the Association entitled: ‘Interdisciplinary character of the discipline of IR’, and in 2012 another conference on ‘The current State of Debate on the problem of level of analysis in IR’.

President: Prof. Edward Haliżak
Contact: Sylwia Para, email: kontakt@ptsm.edu.pl
Website: www.ptsm.edu.pl
Address: Żurawia 4,
00-503, Warsaw, Poland