Research Networks

The existence of a dynamic research network dedicated to problems and challenges of contemporary India is the effect of the establishment of the Centre and cooperation between various institutions. This network would be formed not only by the scholars who participate in the project, but also by the representatives of the associate partner institutions interested in contemporary India. Thus, a truly international character of the Centre would be further established, promoting European perspective on the issues regarding India. The Centre is going to establish contact with existing networks.

The Centre is cooperating with following networks:

  • India-EU Study Centres Programme
  • SARCAN (South Asian Regional Cooperation Academic Network)
  • EAISC (European Association of India Study Centres)

India-EU Programme: meetings in Aarhus, Manipal, Mangalore and Berlin. The last meeting will take place on November 22nd 2011, in New Delhi. Centre will be represented by Professor Janusz Adamowski, Dean of Faculty of Journalism and Political Science UW.