Research Areas

The Centre for Contemporary India Research and Study was established in response to a pressing need for domestic expertise in this field. In order to understand the increasing role of India in contemporary international relations and its importance for Europe’s future, a new generation of specialists as well as a highly advanced research facility was deemed indispensable. The Centre will be a platform for exchange of thought, supporting innovative and creative solutions to the problems of contemporary India. It will also foster know-how and contribute to the building societies based on knowledge.

For the preparation and work on research projects in various Contemporary India Study areas, six research groups are to be created. Each group will consist of about 10 scholars and experts from partner and associate partner institutions. The aim of the research projects will be to analyze the full scope of the dynamics of the transformation in India, through implementing methods applied in political science, social sciences and political economy and considering perspectives of three regions: Western Europe, Central-Eastern Europe, and India. The application of a critical interdisciplinary theoretical approach and conceptual development will allow the scholars to grasp the dynamics and the contradictions which globalization imposes on local communities and social actors, as well as to identify possible responses to the emerging challenges.